Basic steps Discofox

Discofox Dancing is one of the most popular dances. Basic step is relatively simple so that without much problem easily apply it in dance, regardless of whether the music is free and fast. 
Starting position in the dance is freer than in the standard dances, but the silhouette is straight and head upright. The right hand of the partner includes the partner, the partner’s hand is placed below the left shoulder partner. The left hand covers the bottom of a partner’s hand and kept you on the head of a partner. The position has partner’s weight on the leg of the right partner and the left leg.

Partner starts from the left leg to the side (step at a time) and then rises slightly to his right leg up and puts her in the same place (step two), and finally connects the left leg with the right (step three). The steps are the mirror image partner partner’s steps, so the analogy we have: your partner starts right leg to the side (once), then raises his left and puts it in the same place (two) and three-link leg right leg with the left. As you improve your skills, you can also try a slight change in the basic step and third step foot into the back of the place or the most advanced version danced to “and three” carry weight on the leg back and return to starting position.

Mastering the basic step is the most important starting point in discofox, because all the figures and connections are based on the basic step.

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