Discofox Dance on DVD

The course consists of 20 figures to dance, science is divided into sections where the steps are presented separately partner, and later running in tandem. Thorough discussion of each element that makes science even less skilled persons is not a problem. All figures are shown in different shots at a slow pace so that each alone can easily be repeated.

Learn discofox steps and figures Continue reading

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Basic steps Discofox

Discofox Dancing is one of the most popular dances. Basic step is relatively simple so that without much problem easily apply it in dance, regardless of whether the music is free and fast.  Continue reading

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Discofox online and DVD

We invite you to use our Web site for dance discofox. Dancing to disco dance steps discofox so that we can dance to any music and at every party.

We offer the study of dance discofox online. You will see not only the basic steps, but a huge number of figures, all using the rate of dance on DVD, thanks to science, or dance through the Internet. Continue reading

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